Have Adventures! Eat Snacks!
Have Adventures! Eat Snacks!
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2022 PathFinder Gathering Event July 7-10 2022

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We are VERY excited to have been invited to the 2022 Pathfinder as a vendor! Get your tickets now while they still have some. There are a ton of fun classes to learn various survival/life skills (see below). These kinds of skills are great to have whether you are working on preparedness or just want to up your camping skills. 

Come see us and get some snacks!!


CLASSES this year will include along with Special Guests: Alex Wander from Italy & Josh Noss!

  • Emergency shelter configuration –Instructor Paul Haack
  • Tarp camping -Instructor Paul Haack
  • Hammock camping for every season -Instructor Paul Haack
  • Overland and vehicle camping.  – Instructor Dave Canterbury
  • Campfire cooking with Cast Iron.  – Special Guest Instructor Todd McCoig IG Just a Mountain Dude
  • Camp stove/lantern selection and maintenance – Guest Instructor Matthew Tomm
  • Trail cooking from a backpack.  –Instructor Matt Mercer
  • Flint and Steel fire making. -Instructor Matt Mercer
  • Bow drill clinic. –Instructor Shawn Kelly
  • Gear selection for a get home bag - Instructor Dave Canterbury
  • Basket weaving Instructor TBD
  • Fly Fishing basics.  –Instructor Anthony Powers “Pooter Stomper”
  • Trapping for fur or nuisance control. -Instructor Anthony Powers “Pooter Stomper”
  • Live trapping - Instructor Matt Mercer
  • Using a compass for navigation (compass Course) - Instructor Shawn Kelly
  • Map reading basics - Instructor Shawn Kelly
  • Basic camp knots - Instructor Shawn Kelly
  • Plant walk - Instructor Kevin Baxter
  • Making herbal salves - Instructor Kevin Baxter
  • Radio communication for emergency use – Special Guest Instructor Josh Noss IG Ham Radio Crash Course
  • Kayak and canoe basics and safety – Special Guest Instructor Raccoon Creek Outfitters
  • Primitive traps - Instructors Anthony Powers “Pooter Stomper” & Matt Mercer
  • Net making - Instructor Dave Canterbury
  • Pack Goats, Training, and Husbandry - Instructor Marci Waleff
  • Permaculture - Instructor Stephen Waleff
  • Making Butter, Cheese, Whey, and Syrr - Instructor Marci Waleff

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  • Karen Case on

    I talked with you at the survival event near hocking hills. You had 5 gal buckets with food. I don’t see that on your web sight.

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